Im memoriam - Claude Rey
28 July 2007 - We left the Konkordiahütte just 15 minutes before Claude Rey and his guest. Only a couple of month later, I understood that a tragic accident happened at the foot of the stairs. We made the same traverse from the foot of the stairs over the snow covered curved border of the gletscher towards the apere gletscher. We were already ahead towards Jungfraujoch and only noticed that an helicoter was arriving at the hut. We never thought of the idea that such an accident happened at that very moment.
It is horrible that people die in the mountains every year. Despite all precautions, the risk of an accident remains. Through Claude Rey I would like to honor all mountaineers who lost their lives in the mountains. I hope their family and friends can find comfort in the thought that their loved one was on their way in a place where he/she most loved to be.